It is not uncommon for me to meet people do not know what is anthropology, let alone with what are osteoarchaeology/bioarchaeology, forensic anthropology and forensic archaeology. I am not surprise, because in my home, Hong Kong, anthropology sadly is one of the fields that are not being valued as much.
I am glad that at least we have one legit Anthropology Department with the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Yet, I am not entirely pleased, because the department mostly focus on the social and cultural side on the anthropology spectrum.
Anthropology, most of the time, is only known for those either eager to go into the field, or those only learned about it after taking an introductory course (late better than never).
That said, I am committed to making anthropology (bioanthropology and f. anthropology), and forensic sciences more public visible as possible in Hong Kong, and in Asia ambitiously and eventually.