I consider myself one foot in the ivory tower of the academia, and one out in the real world. I am more that grateful for this position. This allows me to stick to the real facets of questions and issues. Of course, as some scholars state that part of the academia deal today is to become the public face of certain topics. Well, rather I am trying to be the one to initiate discussion on topics with my column, and now the blog The Bone Room, Instagram and Facebook.

The Bone Room is a billingual platform that covers topics with hard knowledge on archaeology, forensics and anthropology. It also on the other hand, covers soft knowledge like myths debunking stories.

I started blogging in late 2014 about news and research in the profession, to keep myself up to date. The blog was called Traces in Bones.

Since April 2016, I am a contributor weekly for a local Chinese online news platform on forensics and bones. These posts focus on interesting topics and news on forensics, bones and bioarchaeology. While the newly evolved blog, The Bone Room focuses on light reading, such as book reviews, secret facts of the field. These are short and fun posts aiming to the public audience.

Recurring topics in all the social outlets:
  • Bones and Flesh (肉骨查)Q&A- this series operates with 5 question and answer in an episode. All the questions are submitted by the readers, editors, friends through different channels. Questions range from myth/old tale debunking to real anatomy confusion or knowledge. Proudly ended 13 episodes, what I called Season 1.
  • TV program reviews (電視劇推介)- Hong Kong has fairly limited source of forensic series. The most popular one must be Forensic Heroes. I started commenting the forensic techniques they claimed and used in the series, and of course their props.
  • Myth/ mysteries debunk (死亡錄/文化骨)- people in general are attracted to the mystery stories. I tried to debunk or present as much research and science data to the public, in hope of introducing them a new perspective to think. Topics covered, the skeleton of Amelia Earhart, the curse of Tutankamun, bones of Saint Nicolas, etc.

Other than the abovementioned writing, I have been interviewed by local and foreign medium regarding the job and the profession, including:

  • TVB Broadcasting, “Big Boys Club (2 episodes).” (February 2017 ).
  • Commercial Radio, “Share Your Songs (and Stories).” (September 2016)
  • Apple Daily Hong Kong, “Postgraduate Researcher Speaks for the Dead.” (August 2016)
  • Expert opinions on osteology and human identification topics, interviewed by Sami Wong for Brisbane, Australia’s Durian Club (Radio 4EB) radio program (in Cantonese)
  •  PCM magazine interviewed on forensic anthropology solicited by Wing Fung
  •  Radio interview on death and death order solicited by Arnold Leung for Hong Kong Metro Radio, From Death to Life 《不怕生死》 (in Cantonese).
  • Expert opinion on forensic archaeology and forensic anthropology topics quoted by, Sami Wong for Brisbane, Australia’s Durian Club (Radio 4EB) radio program (in Cantonese) on “The Body in the Concrete”